Many residents throughout the state of Colorado depend on assisted living care in order to receive the level of medical care that they need and maintain a dignified quality of life. That doesn’t always mean paying for it is easy. Every individual’s financial circumstances and care requirements are different, so familiarizing yourself with the typical costs and payment options can help you prepare for your Littleton assisted living journey.

When a loved one requires a certain standard of daily care, it can leave them and their family members feeling overwhelmed by the total costs associated with that level of care. However, there are several options in the state of Colorado that can provide financial relief for those qualifying individuals. Having a clear understanding of the various available options can help you plan accordingly and stress less about the potential financial impact.

Common Assisted Living Costs

Every person who requires assisted living care has their own unique set of needs in order to maintain a respectable quality of life and level of daily comfort. At assisted living facilities, each long-term care option provides its own combination of services, amenities, and care levels.

For seniors who are self-sufficient and are able to live a more active lifestyle, independent living can cost an average of approximately $2,928 per month in Colorado. Standard assisted living options that provide daily support cost an average of $3,620 per month, while individuals who require memory care services in addition to assisted living support will need to pay an average of $5,532 per month.

Of course, many who require a higher level of personal and medical support, like memory care, do not have the private funds to support those daily needs each month. Thankfully, there are a few other options for qualifying Colorado seniors to receive the financial support necessary to obtain the proper level of medical care they need to continue living a respectable standard of living.

Colorado Assisted Living Payment Options

In the state of Colorado, senior citizens may be able to qualify for a number of different options to help pay for various assisted living and medical services.

From your own personal savings, retirement account, health insurance, public assistance, and more, here are some of the common payment options for assisted living benefits in Colorado:

  • Social Security: You can use your Social Security benefits towards assisted living services; however, benefits only average approximately $1,780 per month.
  • Medicare: In Colorado, Medicare does not cover expenses for room and board or nonmedical assisted living services. However, it can be used for medical services offered by third-party providers, such as prescriptions, care planning, cognitive assessments, and hospital stays.
  • Long-term Care Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Medicaid: Also known as Health First Colorado, Medicaid covers the cost of assisted living or nursing home care, as well as some personal care services. Colorado also has a Medicaid Waiver plan, which can provide elderly and disabled residents with assistance to help them continue living independently.
  • The Old Pension: The OAP program offers financial assistance to elderly individuals to help them attain a minimum monthly income, which can be used towards elderly care services.
  • The Home Care Allowance: The HCA program provides financial assistance for home care services in order to allow seniors to continue living independently in their own homes.
  • The Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly: PACE is both a Medicare and Medicaid initiative that provides health care services to qualifying individuals. It includes all Medicare and Medicaid services, including home care, adult day care, primary and preventative health care, physical therapy, nutritional counseling, meals, transportation, social services, and more.

Many Colorado residents can qualify for one or more of these payment options to help them lessen the financial load necessary for receiving quality healthcare and assisted living services. Find out more about your eligible payment options for the various types of assisted living care you or your loved one needs.


Q: Will Medicare Pay for Assisted Living in Colorado?

A: Medicare does not pay for any room and board or nonmedical care in assisted living or memory care facilities, but they can be used to cover the costs of medical services that are offered at assisted living facilities by third-party providers. These services include prescriptions, hospital stays, cognitive assessments, and care planning.

Q: Does Social Security Pay for Assisted Living in Colorado?

A: You certainly are able to use your Social Security benefits towards the costs of assisted living in Colorado; however, it will be unlikely to cover the full costs. The average cost of assisted living in Colorado is about $4,750 per month, while the average monthly Social Security payment totals about $1,780 per month.

Q: How Much Is Assisted Living Per Month in Colorado?

A: There are multiple factors that influence the total monthly cost of assisted living in Colorado. Predominantly, where in the state you are located and the necessary level of care required for your loved one’s condition. On average, the cost of assisted living in Colorado is approximately $4,750 per month, which is slightly higher than the national average.

Q: How Do You Qualify for Assisted Living in Colorado?

A: In order to qualify for around-the-clock assisted living support in Colorado, you must be at least 65 years of age or older, require long-term support and a level of care equaling or surpassing that provided by a nursing home, and have a monthly income of less than $2,205.

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