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Memory loss associated with dementia (or a specific form of dementia known as Alzheimer’s disease) is a common health problem many senior citizens are forced to face. Whether you or your loved one is at the beginning stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease or is in the later stages of these degenerative medical conditions, Rocky Mountain Assisted Living in Lakewood is here to help. We offer a variety of services to help seniors better cope with the challenges that accompany memory loss, confusion and other problems caused by dementia and Alzheimer’s.

If your elderly loved one is having trouble with everyday tasks such as cooking, cleaning, bathing and medication management, the highly trained professionals at Rocky Mountain Assisted Living stand ready to provide the elder care services your family member may need. Some of our residents require around-the-clock care, while others simply need assistance with ambulation, bathing and dressing.

Why Choose Rocky Mountain Assisted Living?

When you are ready to consider memory care for your loved one, it is vital to take your time researching potential care facilities and memory care programs that might help them. At Rocky Mountain Assisted Living, our mission is to provide individualized and comprehensive memory care plans that address unique individual needs. Memory loss affects everyone who experiences it in different, unpredictable ways. Our responsive and compassionate staff are ready to assist your loved one with a fully customized care plan.

Many memory care facilities offer a wide range of rehabilitative and therapeutic treatments. At Rocky Mountain Assisted Living, your loved one will enjoy a full range of comforts and amenities while receiving the best memory care available. Our team takes time to get to know each patient’s individual needs to provide the best care possible.

Why Choose Professional Memory Care?

When your loved one needs help handling basic everyday tasks and may endanger themselves due to memory loss, it is vital for them to have the daily support and supervision they need for a safe, enjoyable, and fulfilling life. Modern life is demanding, and it may be impractical for you to leave your job to care for a loved one struggling with memory loss. Additionally, Alzheimer’s disease and other conditions that cause memory loss among the elderly require meticulous treatment and practical experience handling neurodegenerative conditions.

Rocky Mountain Assisted Living can provide the memory care you need to have peace of mind about your loved one’s health and safety. We offer a full range of medical treatments and therapies to help your loved one with memory loss regain as much of their independence and enjoyment of life as possible.

With a professional memory care plan tailored to your loved one’s unique needs, they can thrive much better than in a nursing facility that may only offer basic medical treatment and limited housekeeping services. Memory care requires individual assessment and carefully structured treatment for the best possible outcomes. The team at Rocky Mountain Assisted Living can develop a memory care plan that suits your loved one’s needs as completely as possible.

Accommodations for Memory Care

At Rocky Mountain Assisted Living, our care center provides spacious accommodations that offer privacy, accessible social interaction, and a wide variety of engaging activities. You do not need to worry about your loved one feeling trapped in a sterile hospital room. Every living center includes several individual rooms with private bathrooms and shared living spaces for meals, gatherings, treatment, and spending time with others.

We have also tailored our care facility to suit the needs of patients struggling with memory loss, including sensory markers, and carefully placed reminders that allow residents to move about the facility with confidence and security.

What Does Memory Care Entail?

Memory care is some of the most complex elder care available today. Rocky Mountain Assisted Living is proud to offer one of the most robust memory care programs available, complete with a wide range of therapies and treatment services designed for effective individualized patient experiences.

Human memory is a mysterious and complex thing, and there are many ways people can improve their memory and even recover from some symptoms of memory loss. Sensory engagement through music, art, and simple conversation can be enough to spur the memory and help a memory care patient feel more in control. Reminiscence therapy is a great option for some patients, and we understand that others benefit more from self-direction. We encourage independence and the exercise of personal freedom whenever possible with our patients and also work with relatives to help them cope with memory loss at the family level.

As a Rocky Mountain Assisted Living resident in the memory care program, your loved one will have access to the highest quality meals and amenities with immediate access to medical care whenever necessary. Our highly trained, compassionate staff members can provide a full range of assisted living services, from helping your loved one dress and bathe to housekeeping and laundry services. We strive to be as flexible as possible to serve each resident’s needs as fully as possible.

Therapies Available for Memory Care

Memory care is an interesting and often fun experience for the residents of Rocky Mountain Assisted Living. We provide a full range of psychological treatments, therapies, and relaxation techniques to our residents in whatever ways suit them best. Some of the treatments available from Rocky Mountain Assisted Living’s memory care unit in Lakewood include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy. Our team can identify and treat the behavioral markers of memory loss and help our patients develop healthy coping mechanisms.
  • Group therapy sessions. We believe that conversation can be revealing, healing, and powerful. We encourage our residents to share their thoughts and experiences with one another.
  • Reminiscence therapy. Sometimes the best treatment is a pleasant conversation about the old days. Reminiscence therapy involves conversations about past experiences, and sometimes hearing about others’ memories can stir memories of your own. We try to encourage reminiscence therapy for all of our residents and also support them engaging in reminiscence therapy on their own time, not just in structured settings.
  • Art and music therapy. Creative expression has a tangible healing power that we encourage our residents to embrace. Whether your loved one has always had a creative streak or wants to explore a new creative medium, we will support their creative expression and help them take advantage of art and music’s healing powers.
  • Media therapy. A movie night with a classic film can take a person back and bring up fond memories. We arrange many different media-focused events for our residents, discuss current events, and keep them as engaged with the world as possible.

Rocky Mountain Assisted Living is proud to offer fully tailored treatment and therapy plans to all of our memory care residents. We believe the best results happen with a balance of structured care and celebrating personal freedom.

Colorado has one of the fastest-growing elderly populations in the country, and elders and their families in the area should know their options for memory care. Some memory loss is treatable, while other forms of memory loss require compassionate symptom management and careful monitoring. Rocky Mountain Assisted Living is proud to offer one of the most comprehensive and successful memory care programs available. We are ready to help you and your family confront your loved one’s memory loss with greater confidence and peace of mind.

Contact Your Memory Care Team in Lakewood Today

The goal of our professional, compassionate team is to provide your family members the memory care services they need while helping them to maintain their sense of dignity and independence. With kind words and gentle hands, the experienced staff at Rocky Mountain Assisted Living will ensure your senior loved one’s needs are met, and you can rest assured knowing your mother, father, grandparent, aunt or uncle is in caring, capable hands.

Please contact Rocky Mountain Assisted Living today to learn more about our memory care services in Lakewood and surrounding areas or to schedule an initial consultation.

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Rocky Mountain Assisted Living offers an intimate home setting with progressive levels of care. Regardless of your loved one’s level of independence or care requirements, they will find the balance they need at Rocky Mountain. We are dedicated to promoting independence, protecting dignity, and nurturing your loved one’s functional and social needs. With a diversity of interests and personalities, our senior residents each have a unique life story. We help them to carry out their desire to live independently as long as possible, while providing around-the-clock access to medical care and assistance with day-to-day activities when needed.

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  • Living Room
  • Dining Area
  • Kitchen
  • Activety Area
  • Laundry
  • Public Bathroom
  • Private living space
  • Private Bathroom
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Your loved one’s care plan should be as unique as they are. With different needs, ailments, limitations, and desires, each senior at Rocky Mountain Assisted Living has a customized care plan. Our professional, compassionate team prides itself on allowing your loved ones to age with dignity in a setting that reminds them of their own home.

Your loved one’s care plan may include:

  • Dressing Assistance
  • Bathing Assistance
  • Ambulation Assistance
  • Incontinence Management
  • Medication Management
  • 3 Nutritious Meals-Plus Snacks
  • Laundry & Linen Services
  • Multiple Activities throughout the Day
  • Scheduled Outings
  • Walk-In Hydrotherapy Tub
  • Call system in every room and Bathroom
  • On-Site Physical Therapy
  • On-Site Physician visits
  • Coordination of Care with your Doctor of Choice
  • Hospice Services
  • Night Time Checks
  • Handicap Accessible Rooms and baths

This list is not exhaustive and seniors, family members, and health care providers all contribute to creating a plan that best serves each senior. At Rocky Mountain Assisted Living, our community is a family and we pride ourselves on providing the quality, compassionate care we would desire for our own loved ones and even for ourselves.

If you would like to schedule a tour or hear more about the amenities available at Memory Care facility in Lakewood, please contact us at (303) 996-6886.

Schedule a Tour

Deciding about memory care for your elderly loved one is understandably challenging. It’s natural to want to see where your loved one will be living and what they will be doing on a daily basis before committing to a memory care facility’s service. We encourage anyone who is interested in the memory care services offered by Rocky Mountain Assisted Living to schedule a tour of our grounds so they can see our facilities and resources for themselves.

We have memory care facilities located in Centennial, two in Lakewood here and here, Wheatridge, and Thornton.

With our support, your loved one can maintain their desire for an independent home setting, while gaining the support and security of a caring team available to meet their needs 24/7. We have limited availability. So call now to ensure your loved one gets the help they need.



Rocky Mountain Assisted Living is the best company I have ever worked for. I have been a CNA for 22 years and have worked in several different work environments. I have worked in nursing homes, assisted living homes, done home care, run an adult family home and RMAL has provided the best work environment. The residents are very well taken care of, and employees are taken care of as well.

Lisa, House Manager

I was impressed with how genuine and caring the staff are at Rocky Mountain Assisted Living. The owner and all management staff really care about the residents. This was a new transition for my father but they have done wonderful things with him.