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Is a loved one suffering from memory loss associated with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease? Memory loss is quite common in the elderly and it is an emotionally difficult situation to watch. Whether your aged family member is in the beginning or later stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s, Rocky Mountain Assisted Living can help.

Many neurodegenerative diseases that affect memory, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, progress very rapidly. Due to the uncertain nature of these conditions, treatment is generally most effective the sooner it begins. If you have an elderly loved one who appears to be struggling with their memory, it may be time to consider professional Denver memory care for them before the condition worsens.

The Rocky Mountain Assisted Living Difference

Our memory care services are designed to help seniors better cope with the challenges that come with these serious conditions. We take an individualized approach to memory care at Rocky Mountain Assisted Living and our staff make every possible effort to accommodate our residents’ unique and personal needs. We believe that comprehensive, personalized memory care yields the best outcomes for our residents and their loved ones.

Prioritizing comfort and dignity for our resident seniors, we focus on your loved one being safe, well-cared for, and feeling that way in every changing moment. Our program has been carefully designed to provide a welcoming and nurturing space that can help your loved one handle the challenges posed by memory conditions more easily. We provide a wide range of therapies and restorative services aimed at improving memory and sustaining mental flexibility, and our living spaces have been carefully designed and arranged to meet the needs of memory care patients at all levels of care.

What Your Loved One Can Expect at Rocky Mountain Assisted Living

Each home is built to minimize any anxieties for your loved ones, with bright light shining through big windows, providing views of beautiful green landscaping. Your loved one’s bedroom will be decorated just like they are accustomed to, featuring family photos and sentimental possessions, and filled with familiarity.

Our community spaces are shared, but each space is intentionally designed to feel like a home. Walking into the kitchen and dining area of their home, your loved one will enjoy their meals at a table that is just like they were used to in their childhood and throughout their adult years. Our program wholeheartedly supports the notion that a healthy body promotes a healthy mind, so you can rest assured that your loved one will receive nutritious and tasty meals suitable for their dietary needs while they are residents in our care.

Memory care requires flexibility from moment to moment. At every moment, your loved one’s physical and emotional well-being are our top priority. We live in their moment, while providing the compassionate care and response needed right at that moment. We provide additional structure where it is necessary and allow for personal freedom and independence at every opportunity. One of the most difficult aspects of struggling with a  memory condition or neurodegenerative disease is the inability to live independently, and we believe the system we have developed at Rocky Mountain Assisted Living strikes an ideal balance between freedom and structured care.

When it comes to the professional treatment your loved one will receive, you can expect them to have access to a wide range of therapies and treatment options that include both individual and group-based experiences. Cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy sessions, reminiscence therapy, art, music, and media can all play important roles in your loved one’s treatment from the Rocky Mountain Assisted Living memory care program.

Quality Care Promoting Independence and Preserving Dignity

The memory care facility we maintain is not like a typical nursing home or assisted living development. Your loved one will have a comfortable and spacious place to call home while they receive professional memory care from a team of dedicated professionals.

Rocky Mountain Assisted Living has homes designed specifically for people living with dementia in its many forms, including Alzheimer’s. Our staff to resident ratio is the best in the industry ensuring quality care from our professional, compassionate elder care team. Each staff member must complete 28 hours of memory care specific training and an additional 8 hours of training through the Alzheimer’s Association, ensuring a high level of knowledgeable care.

Put simply, there are no standard nursing home programs that can offer the same level and quality of treatment that the residents of Rocky Mountain Assisted Living can expect. All our staff have completed the necessary education and training for memory care. They participate in additional training programs on a regular basis to stay up to date on the latest treatment methods and therapy options for the residents in their care.

Our philosophy is to engage our residents in spiritual, physical and social setting, whether it is during one of our daily activities or an outing to their favorite restaurant. Our residents love life here! Our homes boast secured walking paths, raised garden planters, carefully planned natural lighting and serene paint-scheme. Our full-time activities director plans at least 5 person-centered activities each day, improving the overall quality of life for our residents and reducing difficult behaviors. Each memory care home has its own quiet room for helping anxious residents relax in a calming environment, avoiding additional medication whenever possible. We offer regularly scheduled foot care, on-site beautician and live entertainment, so our residents look great and feel wonderful.

How to Prepare Your Loved One for Inpatient Memory Care

It can be very difficult for some elderly individuals to accept when they can no longer live independently, and not every family is in a position of being able to provide constant in-home care for an aging loved one. It’s essential to choose a residential care option that suits your loved one’s unique needs and medical conditions, and memory-related conditions can be some of the most debilitating medical ailments a person ever experiences if left untreated and unchecked by a trained and responsive care team.

When it comes to preparing your loved one to enter memory care, there is no one formula for constructing this conversation; every family is different. Our team is prepared to offer individualized advice and provide you and your family with a complete breakdown of our memory care services, so your loved one knows what to expect. We want you and your family to make your decision about your loved one’s memory care with as much confidence as possible. Be prepared for an open, honest, and potentially emotional conversation with your elderly loved one about their need for professional inpatient memory care.

The team at Rocky Mountain Assisted Living will make every effort to ensure your loved one’s transition to inpatient memory care is as seamless and supportive as possible. They will be able to have all of their personal effects with them in their new living space, so they feel at home in their new surroundings. We can also provide tips for exercises you and your loved one can do that may help improve memory or diminish the symptoms of their memory conditions.

The goal of our team is to provide quality memory care services while helping our residents maintain their sense of dignity and independence. With kind words and gentle hands, the experienced staff at Rocky Mountain Assisted Living will ensure your senior loved one is well cared for. You can rest assured knowing your father, mother, grandparent, aunt or uncle is in caring, capable and compassionate hands.

When Should I Start Planning Memory Care for My Loved One?

Conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease affect those experiencing them in different and often unexpected ways. Your loved one may have received a diagnosis of dementia or a similar condition recently but displays few to no noticeable symptoms. This may seem like a positive indicator of their condition, but there is no way to predict whether their condition will suddenly and unpredictably worsen without warning.

Once your loved one has received a diagnosis confirming dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or other neurodegenerative condition, it’s vital that you and your family start to assess your ability to provide care, the medical insurance, benefits, and programs available that may help you pay for their treatment, and what kind of treatment they truly need. Memory care from Rocky Mountain Assisted Living has been designed to provide compassionate and effective memory care for those experiencing memory problems from age at all levels. The sooner you decide on treatment for your loved one’s memory condition, the sooner they can start enjoying a more confident and fulfilling lifestyle.

Schedule a Tour

Deciding about memory care for your elderly loved one is understandably challenging. It’s natural to want to see where your loved one will be living and what they will be doing on a daily basis before committing to a memory care facility’s service. We encourage anyone who is interested in the memory care services offered by Rocky Mountain Assisted Living to schedule a tour of our grounds so they can see our facilities and resources for themselves.

We have memory care facilities located in Centennial, two in Lakewood here and here, Wheatridge, and Thornton.

With our support, your loved one can maintain their desire for an independent home setting, while gaining the support and security of a caring team available to meet their needs 24/7. We have limited availability. So call now to ensure your loved one gets the help they need.



Rocky Mountain Assisted Living is the best company I have ever worked for. I have been a CNA for 22 years and have worked in several different work environments. I have worked in nursing homes, assisted living homes, done home care, run an adult family home and RMAL has provided the best work environment. The residents are very well taken care of, and employees are taken care of as well.

Lisa, House Manager

I was impressed with how genuine and caring the staff are at Rocky Mountain Assisted Living. The owner and all management staff really care about the residents. This was a new transition for my father but they have done wonderful things with him.