More and more providers like Rocky Mountain Assisted Living in Colorado are offering care specific to those with Alzheimer’s and dementia. If you are looking for a new home for a loved one with a memory loss condition, understanding how memory care facilities are better for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients can help you make the best decision for your family.

A Home That Feels Safe

Most importantly, you want your family member to feel safe. You want to know that they are looked after 24/7 and that their needs are properly met.

Depending on the stage your family member is in, you may be dealing with falling, confusion, aggressive behavior and escalating healthcare needs. Your confidence in the memory care provider you choose is essential.

Staff Who Understand Your Needs

You want to know that your loved one is with people who understand them. The staff at Rocky Mountain Assisted Living complete 28 hours of memory care specific training. This is supplemented with eight hours of training through the Alzheimer’s Association.

The staff at our assisted living facilities understand the sensitive nature of these afflictions. They are trained to be patient and compassionate with every individual. We understand that kind words and gentle hands go a long way. We know that the needs of memory loss patients can change from moment to moment and we are always ready for the shift.

A strong staff to patient ratio assures that each patient is understood and cared for. The staff get to know each patient individually and learn how to most effectively help them. We embrace that every person we care for responds differently.

Designed for Calm and Comfort

The space in a memory care facility is conducive to the patient’s success.

  • Open areas with lots of natural light help diminish sundowning syndrome where a lack of natural light can increase anxiety and agitation in those with dementia.
  • Quiet rooms can be used to reduce anxiety and aggression associated with dementia. This, in turn, promotes self-regulation and avoids the need for medication.
  • Rooms that feel comfortable and homey help reduce stress and anxiety. A memory care facility such as Rocky Mountain Assisted Living encourages bedrooms to be decorated with photos, mementos and sentimental items that increase familiarity and calm.

Services That Target Memory Loss

Simple services such as a makeover, pedicure or haircut can help a patient struggling with memory loss feel more dignity and confidence. At Rocky Mountain Assisted Living we employ a beautician to help your family member look great and feel wonderful.

We feature regular live entertainment to engage and stimulate as well as multiple activities daily to keep residents active and involved. We believe this level of engagement produces real results in our memory care residents.

Plan a Visit With Us

Contact Rocky Mountain Assisted Living to learn more about the services we offer. We understand placing your family member is an important and difficult decision. We want everyone to feel confident in the level of memory care they receive.

Visit our facility and see how we help patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia feel safe and cared for every day.