When advanced age means that someone is less able to take care of basic things like bathing, laundry, and food preparation, it may be time to think about transitioning to an assisted living facility. Anyone making that transition may wonder what services do most assisted living facilities provide. While individual facilities offer unique services, there are common services that you’ll likely find at assisted living centers.

Common Services Found at Assisted Living Facilities

People come to assisted living facilities or are encouraged to go by family members when completing day-to-day chores and basic tasks require assistance from others. Assisted living facilities often look and feel like large homes. These facilities provide basic services that make life easy and comfortable for residents.

  • Personal care. Guests at assisted living facilities usually have access to staff members who can help with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, grooming, and toileting. Unlike a nursing home, assistance comes as needed and requested by the facility guest.
  • Medication management. Around 90% of seniors require medication assistance with organizing, administering, and keeping track of medications. Due to the importance of accurate medication disbursement, assisted living facilities typically provide medication management.
  • Meal preparation. Older adults may have dietary restrictions and preferences. Assisted living facilities can prepare meals and snacks in-house and deliver those meals to guests.
  • Laundry and linen. Laundry services are often offered at assisted living facilities. Clothes can be picked up and dropped off at the guests’ rooms.
  • Transportation services. Most assisted living centers provide transportation. Many of the individuals who live at those centers are still independent and mobile, but they may need help with transportation that allows them to meet medical appointments, shop, and attend recreational activities.
  • 24-hour supervision. Denver assisted living facilities have staff members available around the clock to handle emergencies and offer general support. Safety is often a key consideration as well. The staff may monitor the surrounding property at all hours of the day and night.
  • Social activities. Organized activities, events, and outings to promote social interaction and engagement are usually offered at assisted living centers.
  • Health and wellness programs. To help guests stay healthy and mobile, assisted living centers may offer fitness and wellness programs. Some offer on-site physical therapy.

In addition to these services, many facilities that house seniors have systems in place to respond to medical emergencies. These may include devices worn by residents or another system for alerting staff members when someone requires urgent help.

How to Find the Ideal Assisted Living Facility

Many Denver-area assisted living facilities offer similar services. Many have modern amenities that make their facilities look like warm and inviting homes. When researching care centers in Denver, look for the areas that differentiate one facility from another. Aging-in-place hospice care may not seem like a top priority for someone in their 60s, but those services may one day be needed.

Assisted living facilities often offer additional services for additional fees. Special meal requests, cognitive care, and hair-dressing services may become important later on. Once settled, it can be emotionally and physically taxing to change facilities. With a little research, you can find the perfect destination for yourself or a loved one.


Q: What Are Assisted Living Facilities Initially For?

A: Assisted living facilities are initially for an aging person who requires more help than their children or family members can readily provide. The centers are communities where people who are still in good overall health can live with other seniors and enjoy the benefits of having a team of caring staff members who take care of laundry, linen services, and other basic services.

Q: How Is Most Assisted Living Care Usually Paid For?

A: Assisted living care is paid through long-term care insurance, family support, retirement income (stocks, mutual funds, 401(k)s, pensions, Social Security benefits), and other sources. Some people may qualify for government assistance. If the senior has property, they can rent their home to cover much of the cost of their assisted living facility. Sometimes, a combination of funding sources allows for long-term care at an assisted living facility.

Q: How Does Assisted Living Differ From Life in a Nursing Home?

A: Assisted living differs from life in a nursing home in the way the spaces look and function. An assisted living facility will generally have the look and feel of a home or residence. There may be community areas where people gather to socialize. Nursing homes generally have more of a medical facility feel. People who require constant supervision and medical attention may require the services of a nursing home.

Q: What Happens When Assisted Living Is Not Enough?

A: When assisted living is not enough, the care center may have additional resources they can offer, such as nursing services or hospice care. If the facility does not have options for individuals who require more constant care or medical supervision, then a nursing home or skilled nursing facility may be needed.

Q: Do Assisted Living Centers Offer Extra Services?

A: Yes. Many assisted living centers offer additional services that may not be included in the monthly fees that cover room and board. Services for haircutting and cognitive care may not be a top priority at first, but having those options available when needed may prove important later on. Consider additional services when researching an assisted living center for yourself or a loved one.

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Assisted living centers offer a wide range of services, but laundry, food, and medication management services are usually offered at an assisted living center. At Rocky Mountain Assisted Living, we go above and beyond what other care centers offer. Our standard services include visiting entertainers, scheduled outings, and nighttime checks. For an additional cost, we can provide extra services like food care and salon services.

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