Exercise is fantastic for every person of every age. However, as people age, their physical capabilities and strength decrease. Many seniors have more frail overall health, as well as weakened immune systems. With a diminished ability to engage in all types of strenuous exercise, seniors often need to look for more gentle exercises that will still help them get the benefits and rewards associated with moving their bodies.

Types of Gentle Exercise for Elders

The best exercises are always the ones that a person enjoys the most. The following are some types of exercises that seniors enjoy and that are also gentle for their bodies.


Swimming has been called the world’s most perfect exercise. If you are simply swimming casually in a pool, attempting to master a new swimming stroke, or taking a water aerobics class, getting in the pool and swimming is simply one of the best exercises any person can do. Swimming has little impact on the body and is a way for seniors to engage in cardiovascular fitness along with strengthening their muscles.


Many seniors can benefit from yoga, which builds core strength, muscle strength, aerobic and respiratory fitness, and overall mobility. These are important areas for any person, but especially for older adults.


Many seniors are unfamiliar with Pilates; however, this low-impact exercise focuses on core muscles and stability similar to yoga. Unlike yoga, Pilates often uses different types of equipment that helps a person stretch and build muscle strength. Pilates and yoga can both also be done at home with.

Bodyweight Training

Many seniors have no interest in joining a large gym. There are exercises they can do to combat abdominal fat and simultaneously build strength in their own homes or in a nursing home, memory care facility or assisted living facility. Stair climbing, chair squats, single-leg stands or wall pushups are easy ways for a senior to gain some extra exercise throughout the day.


Walking is simply one of the best forms of exercise for a person of any age. Walking is free and can be done at any pace. Seniors can walk together to not only exercise but engage in social activity at the same time. Taking the time to walk enhances a senior’s physical strength and emotional strength as well. Walking helps not only build muscle, but it helps improve joints, circulation, and digestion. Every person can benefit from this free and easy activity that can be done at their own pace.

Rocky Mountain Assisted Living

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