When you make the decision for yourself or your loved one to enter an assisted living facility, you want to do as much research as possible. Your family deserves optimum care, and so you want to look into everything about your potential assisted living home, from what the facilities are like to what the staff’s values are.

At our assisted living facility in Highlands Ranch, we understand how important this step is for you. We are here to provide as much information as we can to make this transition easier. Here are 20 assisted living questions that you can ask when you interview with an assisted living facility to help you really get to know the place.

  1. What Is the Staff-to-Resident Ratio at the Home?
    The staff-to-resident ratio at an assisted living center can tell you a great deal about what the experience there will be like. This number can provide insight into what the quality of life is like there and how stressful the atmosphere is. If you want more insight into this, you can also ask about employee turnover.
  2. How Does the Staff Manage Medications?
    Asking about what the managing and dissemination of medications is like at a facility can help give you peace of mind when handing over the control of medication to someone else.
  3. What Are Your Common Spaces Like?
    Understanding what common spaces are available and if they align with what you are looking for is definitely something to consider when choosing a facility.
  4. What Are the Policies for Visiting Hours?
    Of course, you will want to see your loved ones even after this transition to an assisted living home. Every place’s policies about visitation hours work a little differently, and it is important to carefully note what they are so you can determine if this living situation will work out for you and your family.
  5. What Social Activities and Programs Are Available?
    Participation in social activities can be an exciting, enjoyable part of living in an assisted living facility. You should ask about all of the opportunities that are available and how participation is encouraged.
  6. Do You Have Programs for Specific Medical Needs Available?
    Depending on your loved one’s needs, you might want to seek out a facility where there is special attention to things like memory care.
  7. How Do You Handle Emergencies and Evacuations?
    No one wants to think about crisis situations, but it is important to know what will happen to your loved one in a stressful situation.
  8. How Often Are Rooms Cleaned and What Is the Maintenance Process?
    You want to make sure that your loved one is going to a neat, sanitary environment.
  9. What Training Does Your Staff Have?
    Asking what the staff’s background is in healthcare, conflict resolution, and relational experience can help you rest assured that your loved ones are in the finest hands.
  10. Do You Have a Nurse or a Healthcare Professional Available Around the Clock? 
    Asking about the availability of a healthcare professional can help you better understand what could happen in the case of a medical emergency.
  11. How Are Medical Appointments Facilitated at Your Facility?
    Understanding how your loved one will get medical care can help you get a good sense of what the place is like.
  12. How Long Has Your Facility Been in Operation?
    Learning about the history of the facility can give you a sense of its track record and how the community views it.
  13. Can You Describe the Food Options at Your Facility?
    Knowing what dietary options are available is important for your loved one’s health and happiness.
  14. How Do You Approach Residents With Dietary Restrictions or Preferences?
    If your loved one has dietary restrictions, it’s important to know if the facility you are looking for can accommodate them.
  15. Are Your Residents Able to Personalize Their Space?
    Be it photographs or furniture, you might want to bring a piece of home with your loved one. It never hurts to ask if this is possible.
  16. What Security Measures Do You Have To Keep Residents Safe?
    Knowing what is keeping your loved one safe will help give you peace of mind.
  17. What Is Your Monthly Cost?
    It’s vital that you understand the cost implications of this assisted facility home so you know if you can afford it or can start planning how to finance it.
  18. Do You Have Financial Assistance Available?
    Some facilities offer financial assistance. It couldn’t hurt to ask if you are concerned about cost.
  19. How Does Your Facility Handle and Respond to Complaints or Conflicts?
    You want to be able to provide feedback to the place where your loved one lives. Knowing how the place will receive it tells you a lot about it.
  20. Do You Have Any Testimonials or References Available?
    Reading testimonials is a wonderful way to get a sense of how others have found the facility.


Q: How Do I Interview an Assisted Living Facility?

A: If you want to interview at an assisted living facility, you should do your research on the facility’s website and then contact them to set up an interview and a visit.

Q: At What Age Do Most Seniors Go Into Assisted Living?

A: Most seniors go into assisted living between their mid-seventies and mid-eighties. However, there is no hard and fast rule. You should ask your assisted living facility about their minimum age requirements to find out if it is right for you.

Q: How Much Is Assisted Living per Month?

The cost you pay for assisted living every month will depend on the facility chosen for your loved one. For example, you will find that things like how big the place is, the activities and programs you are offered, and the staff-to-resident ratio can all factor into the price.

Q: What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Assisted Living?

A: Although you might find some cons involving the cost and the time away from family, there are also many advantages of assisted living, including giving seniors the chance to socialize and giving them a sense of independence.

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