Whether you are helping an aging family member determine their right level of care or are the one entering your golden years, doing the research yourself, understanding the language of retirement living is essential. There are three different types of retirement living properties — senior living, assisted living, and nursing homes. Let’s take a closer look at what makes these living situations different.

Senior Living Perks

Senior living facilities provide a special community, typically for people fifty-five (55) years and older. This usually is independent living and may have single-family homes, condominiums, or townhouses. Sometimes, a monthly fee is paid to enjoy the amenities of the community. Those amenities could include any of the following:

  • Community pool
  • Community house
  • Gym
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Golf club membership
  • Spa amenities
  • Restaurants

In a senior living community, the major benefit of the community is to live with other like-minded individuals who have things in common. Some of the nuisances of typical neighborhoods are avoided, such as loud music from younger kids or speeding cars.

Senior living facilities can either be owned outright by the person who is of a certain age, or they can be rented to individuals who meet a certain age requirement, depending on the development.  If they are owned outright, there are typically monthly maintenance fees you are required to pay to be able to enjoy the community facilities.

These homes are indistinguishable from normal single-family homes, except they may have better handicap accessibility.

In senior living situations, residents are mostly independent but are still able to hire outside help to assist with any additional needs. For instance, you are permitted to hire your own handyman, caretaker, or home health aide. If you need help from outside resources more and more, it is probably time to consider the next stage of retirement living — assisted living.

Assisted Living Opportunities

Assisted living is usually required when an individual needs some range of assistance living their daily life. These assisted amenities can include staff members who are available all day, every day, and can perform nighttime checks, medication management, incontinence management, physical therapy, and more. Staff can also aid with dressing, bathing, and getting around. Usually, meal and snack services are provided, along with cleaning and laundry services.

Assisted living facilities typically have private rooms with semi-private bathrooms. The individual rooms may have a small kitchenette, but meals are provided at specific times.  Assisted living is a great way to live with like-minded people who are experiencing the same things.

These facilities are typically paid monthly, and certain extra fees may apply depending on what benefits you take advantage of while in their facility. The great thing about Rocky Mountain Assisted Living is that they charge one low monthly fee that is all-inclusive to every item mentioned above. Their all-inclusive rate is meant to allow all residents to enjoy as many activities as possible without being restricted by a budget. These activities may include options like art and music classes, games, dancing, scheduled entertainment, and outings.

Some assisted living facilities provide additional amenities at an additional cost. These may include options such as:

  • Respite care
  • Incontinence supplies
  • Additional staff
  • Hairdressing and salon services
  • Special meal requests
  • Cognitive therapy
  • Transportation
  • Companion care
  • Podiatry or foot care
  • Case management services

If there is ever a need for more skilled care, such as more intensive nursing care, or round-the-clock hospice care, the person may need to look further than assisted living facilities and consider a nursing home.

Nursing Home

A nursing home or a skilled nursing facility is the best choice when an individual needs more constant nursing care and medical attention. These residents are usually unable to live independently and require a higher level of care. Nursing homes still provide plenty of amenities and entertainment, along with a higher level of assistance. This can include:

  • Exercise options
  • Visiting entertainment
  • Scheduled outings
  • Art and music classes

Determining Your Wants and Needs for Retirement Living

Regardless of what stage of retirement care you or your loved one is at, the main difference between senior living and assisted living is the amount of independence you are given and the amount of responsibility you want regarding your property. Independent living is sometimes not what a retired person wants. They would rather have everything included in one price like at Rocky Mountain Assisted Living, thereby alleviating the extra responsibility of lawn care, cleaning, laundry, and more.

When you’re deciding, the first important question is: what do I need? It doesn’t matter what you want if you need something else. If you want to be independent, but you are on bed rest, it is not very practical to live in a senior living community. Look at the basics — what can you do vs. what you need to do to live in that type of retirement community. If you find yourself needing more and more of the items provided in an assisted living facility, then that may be the level of care that is required for you at a minimum.

Understanding Assessments for Seniors

After your needs are assessed, the next question is: what do you want? How do you want to spend your happily ever after? If you are able to live independently but are interested in a more close-knit community, you may consider a facility such as the Rocky Mountain Assisted Living. Sometimes, living in closer quarters with other like-minded individuals gives you the companionship you are seeking later in life.

Unfortunately, sometimes cost is what is prohibitive. Make sure that a budget is created to determine the amount that can be spent monthly. If you are looking at other assisted living facilities, make sure you question the entire price with the items you are looking to participate in.  Or question whether they have the all-inclusive pricing that Rocky Mountain Assisted Living provides.

Contact Rocky Mountain Assisted Living

The absolute bottom line is to find a place where you are most comfortable and feel at home.  Please feel free to reach out to Rocky Mountain Assisted Living if we can assist you in any way with this major life decision.