Moving your loved one to an assisted living facility is a significant choice. Though it can be difficult to make the transition, most people find that their loved ones are much happier and healthier after moving to an assisted living community. When seniors get the support that they need, they regain a sense of vitality and participation in their lives and communities.

One major hurdle for many families is paying for assisted living fees. Because these communities provide significant support and services for their residents, there are often higher fees and costs associated with the housing. Though we do our best to keep costs reasonable, families still often wonder what kind of financial support they may be able to receive.

Medicare is a significant source of support for seniors when it comes to medical needs. Because assisted living enrollment can be a result of medical requirements, it’s natural to wonder whether Medicare will offer financial support for assisted living fees. We encounter this question a lot and have assembled some information that might help you determine your access to support.

Medicare and Assisted Living

Medicare programs in the area run through the state of Colorado. Unfortunately, the program does not directly offer financial support for assisted living fees and payments. Though it does support program members in many ways, assisted living support is not one of them. However, residents may be eligible for assisted living support through other state programs. Colorado’s Medicaid program, Health First Colorado, may be able to provide an Elderly Blind and Disabled waiver that will help to cover costs.

These waivers may do much the same thing as Medicare payments would. They simply exist in a separate program in the state of Colorado. This allows more people to be eligible for Medicare, whether or not they need full assisted living benefits.

Disability and Support Programs

There are other options outside of Medicare that may be able to help you and your family pay for your loved one’s care. Many of our residents apply for disability benefits, and some receive support through similar state and federal programming. Though we can’t definitively say which programs your loved one will be eligible for, it’s worth noting that you have options to help you fund your loved one’s housing. The government understands the financial burden of assisted living and ongoing care, and many people are able to receive help as a result.

Benefit-Cost Analysis of Assisted Living

Whether or not funding is available for you, it’s important to understand why assisted care requires more significant funding than living alone. Of course, specific fees vary based on the facility and community.

Medical Support

First of all, assisted living facilities such as Rocky Mountain Assisted Living provide residents with ongoing medical care. Our facilities have a medical professional awake and on-site at all times to ensure that any accidents and emergencies are handled immediately. We also have medical professionals on hand to administer medication and provide daily support.

Our rounding physicians help to ensure that your loved one’s health status is constantly up to date and to make sure that their support changes as their needs do. We also offer hospice care and more intensive services as part of our community to ensure that residents always have the level of care that they need.

This kind of medical attention would cost significantly more if administered in an at-home setting outside of assisted living. The services provide the essential support that seniors need, as well as peace of mind for families.

Social Support

When mobility and cognition begin to deteriorate, it becomes more difficult for individuals to socialize. It’s harder to leave the house and difficult to plan outings on one’s own. Assisted living facilities provide residents with easy access to socialization and entertainment activities. This kind of engagement can combat depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses in the elderly. It also ensures that our residents are happy and engaged, even if they’re a bit slower than they used to be.

Tailored Facilities

A major part of assisted living costs comes from creating facilities that are tailored to resident needs. Here at Rocky Mountain Assisted Living, we have wheelchair-accessible facilities throughout to ensure that residents have access to the entire community. Walk-in jacuzzies, low counters, and wide hallways allow residents to move about more easily. This kind of access is extremely difficult in standard homes and apartments and is significantly more helpful to residents.

Daily Support

Finally, the general support provided by assisted living facilities is worth a significant amount for many families. Handling around-the-clock monitoring, emergency help, and assistance with basic tasks are too difficult for many families to handle alone. In providing these services, we alleviate pressure and stress from your family and assume an active responsibility for your loved one’s changing care needs.

It’s important to understand that these services have inherent value and create an environment where your loved one can thrive. Fortunately, the government understands this value as well. Because of this, many people can find financial assistance, even if Medicare or Medicaid is not an option. We see lots of families feel discouraged to find that Medicare won’t directly support assisted living fees. However, we encourage you to keep looking. The state of Colorado does take action and help most residents to get the assisted living care that they need.

Contact Rocky Mountain Assisted Living

Our team is here to support your entire family through the transition from independent to assisted living. We know that this process can be emotional for you and for your loved one, so we’ve created a community that is welcoming, supportive, and focused on family. Our facilities are tailored to allow for family gatherings and dinners, and we do our best to provide social support on days when family can’t visit. We care deeply about our residents and do everything in our power to ensure that they thrive under our care.

If you have any questions or concerns or wish to take a tour of our facilities, we are happy to assist you. Please contact us online to get in touch.