Many families in Centennial and throughout Colorado eventually realize their elderly loved ones require more care and daily support than they can manage, prompting them to explore their options for senior care. Assisted living in Centennial, CO, can offer a wide range of support services for elderly residents with diverse needs. If you are unsure whether an assisted living center would be right for your loved one, it’s essential to understand what an assisted living center can provide and how it can address your loved one’s unique needs.

As you evaluate the senior care options suitable for your elderly loved one, it’s important to understand what assisted living is and what it entails. This senior care program aims to provide ongoing daily care for seniors who need little to moderate assistance managing their daily lives. Assisted living programs typically provide medical assistance and supervision while encouraging independence and daily activity. Assisted living isn’t right for everyone, so it’s essential to understand what this type of program can entail to make an informed decision for your elderly loved one.

What Is Assisted Living?

Many people conflate nursing homes with assisted living facilities. The difference between these two senior care programs is generally the level of medical care provided to residents. Nursing homes are more clinical settings and most appropriate for seniors who need substantial daily assistance with basic tasks and ongoing medical supervision for advanced conditions. Many nursing home residents cannot manage everyday tasks and even basic needs like feeding themselves, using the restroom, changing clothes, or managing medications.

By comparison, assisted living programs are better suited to seniors who only need minimal assistance with daily life. Most assisted living residents can manage most daily tasks on their own, but many require help with a few things around their living space each day. Rocky Mountain Assisted Living has developed a robust continuum of care flexible enough to meet a wide range of seniors’ needs. In addition, our program intends to minimize the need for your loved one to be regularly transferred through different care programs and living arrangements.

The Rocky Mountain Assisted Living program develops individualized care plans for every resident. During your initial consultation with an admissions coordinator, the admissions team will conduct a thorough review of your loved one’s medical history to determine the daily care and support they will likely require. Every senior has unique needs and medical concerns. The Rocky Mountain Assisted Living team will develop a care plan that can change over time without relocating your loved one to a new facility.

What Does Assisted Living Include?

If you are considering an assisted living program in Centennial, CO, for your loved one, it’s vital to understand what this type of senior care entails compared to nursing home programs:

  • Nursing homes are suitable for seniors with multiple medical conditions and advanced daily medical needs. Assisted living is better for seniors who can manage most, but not all, of their daily medical concerns.
  • A nursing home provides constant medical monitoring in a clinical setting. Assisted living facilities provide easy access to medical care and regular checkups while allowing your loved one to enjoy a comfortable living situation that’s more home-like.
  • Nursing home residents typically have minimal ability to engage in physical activity. Therefore, assisted living programs often encourage active lifestyles that emphasize physical fitness.
  • An assisted living program should offer dietary support, ensuring your loved one not only has the help they need with preparing meals but also verifying their dietary needs are consistently met.
  • Nursing homes are typically focused on medical care and monitoring. However, assisted living can address medical needs and evolve to include memory care and more advanced medical care needs.
  • Assisted living facilities encourage independence. If you register your loved one for an assisted living program through Rocky Mountain Assisted Living, they will have access to the help they need without the strict supervision that a nursing home typically entails.

An assisted living program can allow your loved one to enjoy an active, engaging, and independent lifestyle with easy access to the daily support and medical care they require. Rocky Mountain Assisted Living also maintains an “aging in place” philosophy that aims to minimize the need to relocate as your loved one’s needs change. Our assisted living programs are individualized, flexible, and consistently reviewed for suitability.

What Amenities Are Available in Centennial, CO, Assisted Living Programs?

When you choose Rocky Mountain Assisted Living in Centennial, CO, for your elderly loved one, you can expect a thorough admissions process that aims to identify your loved one’s unique needs and medical requirements. After this initial registration process, your loved one’s care team will conduct a series of reviews and evaluations to ensure a wholly individualized assisted living plan that accounts for your loved one’s particular needs and preferences.

Rocky Mountain Assisted Living offers many amenities in our Centennial, CO, facilities, including:

  • Spacious, home-like living arrangements.
  • Medical care readily available without the clinical setting.
  • Ongoing flexible support for daily tasks.
  • Easy access to memory care and advanced assisted living services.
  • Wheelchair accessibility.
  • Specially designed living space architecture designed for comfort and safety.
  • Quiet, established neighborhoods.
  • 24-hour emergency services.
  • Personal alert system in every resident bedroom and every restroom.
  • Walk-in tubs and spacious showers.
  • Salon services.
  • Wi-Fi and cable TV.
  • Beautifully maintained gardens and outdoor recreation areas.
  • Robust activity options.
  • Space for your loved one to enjoy their own hobbies and leisure activities.
  • Ongoing medical supervision and consistent checkups.
  • 24-hour video surveillance for safety and peace of mind.

Rocky Mountain Assisted Living has developed one of Colorado’s most robust, resident-focused assisted living programs. If you are interested in an assisted living arrangement for your elderly loved one, our team can help you determine the scope of daily services they need and help you find the ideal arrangement. If you are interested in assisted living programs in the Centennial, CO, area, contact Rocky Mountain Assisted Living today for more information about our programs.