As people age, an important decision to make is if an assisted living facility is worth considering. Assisted living facilities are designed to help elderly individuals who need assistance with their daily tasks but want to retain some autonomy. When deciding on a facility, an important question that one should ask is, what three key challenges should be considered when looking at an assisted living facility?

Consider These Challenges

As the loved ones of a senior living in Lakewood or as the senior yourself, it would be wise to consider any challenges associated with assisted living before making the final decision. Any facility worth considering will take the time to answer your questions and ensure full transparency. Some of the most prevalent concerns about assisted living facilities are the cost, the culture, and the location.

The Costs

The cost of an assisted living facility is one of the most important factors to consider. It can be a major challenge to some, depending on their financial situation. It’s important to consider the services offered by the facility and the costs for those amenities. You should analyze the services and decide for yourself if they are worth the investment.

For example, if transportation is included in the costs of the facility, then it can be worthwhile not to have to pay or provide transportation for each doctor’s visit.

It is difficult to put a price on care but like most things, you get what you pay for when it comes to assisted living. The peace of mind that comes from having your loved one taken care of by professional care providers with the necessary facilities in place can be well worth the costs.

The Culture

Culture is another important challenge to consider when deciding on an assisted living facility. The culture of the facility can seriously impact the emotional and mental health of the residents. Facilities that offer diverse social and recreational opportunities often have better cultures. These opportunities offer chances for positive social engagement between residents. You want to ensure that your loved one is in a good environment with a great culture.

The Location

Location can be a challenge for some, and it must be considered when deciding on an assisted living facility. Some factors to consider related to location can include:

  • The type of neighborhood or side of town that the facility is in.
  • How far is the facility from the resident’s preferred hospital or doctor?
  • How far is the facility from the resident’s preferred place of worship?
  • The distance the resident’s family would be traveling to visit


Q: What Age Do Most Seniors Need Assisted Living?

A: There is no specific age at which a person may need to consider assisted living, as it is an individual choice based on an individual’s unique circumstances. Some seniors may not need an assisted living facility until their late eighties, while some may require assisted living by their early seventies. It often depends on the individual’s health and wellness. Some seniors may even prefer to enter an assisted living facility before it becomes absolutely necessary.

Q: What Are the Three Principles of Assisted Living?

A: The three principles of assisted living are person-centered care, always practicing ethics, and a mission statement. Person-centered care helps to ensure that the quality of care is tailored to each individual, depending on their needs. Always practicing ethics means that each individual resident is treated and cared for fairly and respectfully.

A mission statement outlines the standards and values that the assisted living facility believes in. These three principles are key to understanding the type of care and treatment you may receive at a living facility.

Q: What Is One of the Most Important Factors That Determines Whether Residents Living in Assisted Living Facilities Feel at Home Within Their Facility?

A: One of the most important factors that can determine whether residents Living in assisted living facilities feel at home in their facility is their ability to make their own personal decisions regarding their lives.

Even a person experiencing great care from the staff members in an assisted living facility can begin to feel trapped if they cannot express autonomy over the things it is appropriate to have autonomy with. Flexibility of the facility is key for resident morale and feeling comfortable in their space.

Q: What Services Are Most Likely Provided in an Assisted Living Setting?

A: An assisted living facility is mostly likely to provide assistance with personal care, three meals a day, social and recreational activities, necessary medications, laundry, and other general housekeeping services. Additionally, an assisted living facility is likely to provide residents with 24-hour supervision and security, as well as on-site staff who are ready and able to help.

These services may vary slightly depending on the type of facility, but in general, residents can expect to be accommodated with these services.

Q: What Challenges Do Seniors Face at an Assisted Living Facility?

A: Some of the most commonly reported challenges that seniors face while in an assisted living facility can include loneliness, financial insecurity, safety concerns, and transportation, among other factors.

Loneliness may be the most common challenge experienced in assisted living facilities. As seniors age, they may start to lose the companionship that they once had with their families. They may not get enough family visits to feel appropriately connected. Being in a facility with strong social connections may help.

Get Your Loved Ones Supported

Each assisted living facility will come with its own unique challenges and services. It is important to weigh them against each other when deciding on an assisted living facility. Unlike nursing homes, there is no rating system for assisted living facilities, so it’s important that you assess the quality of the facility through necessary and thorough exploration and research. Having a facility that meets all your needs and addresses your challenges is important.

At Rocky Mountain Assisted Living, our facility is dedicated to serving our residents. We provide support, compassion, and dedication both to our residents and to our community. We can ensure that your loved ones are taken care of and are provided with all the necessary services. We have multiple homes conveniently located around the Lakewood area. Contact our office today to see how we can assist you.