If your loved one was diagnosed with dementia, it can be a challenging and emotionally overwhelming time for everyone in the family. You want your loved one to maintain their quality of life and maintain their own independence. Finding simple ways to entertain them and keep them engaged can help reduce the stress for everyone.

Unfortunately, computers and cell phones may confuse your loved one and using a mouse can be challenging. However, touch screens on tablets, iPhones or iPads can help them to stay in touch with you and provide a wonderful form of entertainment. The following is a list of different apps that can help people with dementia.


MindMate was created by former caregivers and is a leading app for the elderly. It allows an elderly person with dementia to participate in many activities with their loved ones. There are mental challenges such as puzzles, as well as nutritional tips. There is an entertainment section with options from different time periods that may stir familiar and happy emotional responses from your loved one, as well as a diary section for their caregiver.


This very popular app has been used in research-based cognitive functioning studies. It challenges the user’s cognitive abilities including logical reasoning, speed, and memory. A free version is available and allows a user to play three games a day and a paid version allows many more.

My Reef 3D

Even those loved ones who suffer from advanced dementia will love My Reef 3D and find it simple to use. The app features a virtual aquarium and 14 types of fish. Activities include stocking the aquarium with fish and even tapping on the glass. This app will provide your loved one with some fun and interaction and the ability to sit back and enjoy the view.

Flower Garden

Instead of fish, this time it’s flowers! This app will allow those who suffer from dementia the ability to grow a garden from planting the seeds to watering them to having a full harvest. If your loved one enjoys gardening, they may enjoy replicating their hobby in this app.

Let’s Create! Pottery

This app will allow your elderly loved one to “throw” clay onto a pottery wheel and create a variety of clay pots. If your loved one is creative and would like to “make” some pottery, this may be a fun pastime for them.

Dementia Emergency

This app was created by Dignity & Dementia and is designed for those emergency situations where a dementia patient would need the assistance of a caregiver, a family member, or even emergency personnel.

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