Seniors in Lakewood, CO, and throughout Colorado may eventually need to rethink their living arrangements due to changing medical conditions and escalating needs for ongoing daily support and medical care. Seniors in Colorado have many options for senior care, ranging from intensive and medically focused nursing home programs to assisted living that focuses on encouraging independent living while providing valuable daily support.

If your elderly loved one is ready for an ongoing senior care program, you may wonder whether they qualify for assisted living. Unlike a nursing home that primarily focuses on constant medical monitoring in a more clinical setting, assisted living in Lakewood, CO, aims to provide a comfortable, engaging, and supportive lifestyle in an environment that offers easy access to medical treatment and support with everyday tasks.

Finding the right program for your elderly loved one is crucial. If you register them for a nursing home program that’s more intensive than they truly need, you could end up paying for a level of care that exceeds the scope of your loved one’s needs. On the other hand, if you register them for a senior care program that does not meet the level of care provided by an assisted living facility, your loved one may not receive the appropriate medical supervision and daily support they need. Assisted living often offers the ideal blend of medical support and independence for seniors in Lakewood, CO.

How Does a Senior Qualify for Assisted Living in Lakewood, CO?

Every assisted living facility operating in Colorado has different admission criteria. If you are unsure whether an assisted living program would be best for your elderly loved one, it’s essential to carefully review a potential facility’s program description to determine whether their services are right for them. For example, Rocky Mountain Assisted Living offers a robust assisted living program in Lakewood, CO, which aims to provide a home-like atmosphere with easy access to amenities, engaging daily activities, and a wide range of helpful services that allow residents to enjoy fulfilling and comfortable living.

Assisted living is typically best for seniors who need little to moderate assistance with their daily lives. Most seniors who qualify for assisted living need minimal skilled nursing services and rehabilitative care. However, some may need help managing daily medication and non-medical daily tasks, such as eating, dressing, using the restroom, housekeeping, and staying active.

Rocky Mountain Assisted Living strives to ensure a comprehensive spectrum of continuing care that is flexible to address a wide range of senior needs. Some Rocky Mountain Assisted Living’s assisted living program residents need minimal daily support to enjoy fulfilling lifestyles, while others need more intensive medical supervision and daily care. One of the best parts about the Rocky Mountain Assisted Living system is that it is flexible to meet residents’ ongoing needs. Instead of transferring to different facilities as needs change, residents can remain in a comfortable and familiar setting as their level of daily care evolves.

Is My Loved One Ready for Assisted Living in Lakewood, CO?

One of the best ways to determine whether an assisted living program is right for your elderly loved one is to arrange a meeting with the admissions team of your chosen facility. The admissions coordinator will review the details of your loved one’s medical and overall daily support needs to determine the level of care they should receive. The admissions coordinator will likely need to review your loved one’s medical history, basic health information such as height, weight, and allergies, and a complete listing of their medical conditions. They can also determine Medicare benefits that may help reduce the cost of assisted living services. Some applicants will need to undergo physical examinations, and admissions coordinators may contact your loved one’s primary health care providers to ensure their health care team approves of the assisted living program.

Seniors eligible for assisted living in Lakewood, CO, will be provided with all relevant information regarding a facilities’ policies, services, costs, and medical care options. Once you review and complete the admissions paperwork, your senior loved one can be enrolled and start enjoying a new lifestyle in a supportive environment.

What to Expect in Lakewood, CO, Assisted Living

Rocky Mountain Assisted Living aims to make the onboarding process easy for newly admitted seniors. Once your loved one completes the initial registration process, the Rocky Mountain Assisted Living care team will conduct a series of evaluations to determine the level of daily assistance your loved one is likely to require. This is one of the main benefits of assisted living; your loved one can receive flexible care that evolves as their needs change. In addition, your care team will help you develop a care plan that addresses your loved one’s unique needs and accounts for any variables that may require additional review in the future.

Your loved one’s care plan will include everything from the medications they need every day to a dietary plan that ensures complete nutrition that meets their needs. The care team can also provide a list of recommended daily activities to help your loved one stay active, fit, and engaged in their life. In addition, you can rely on Rocky Mountain Assisted Living to consistently review your loved one’s progress and changing medical status to ensure they receive appropriate ongoing care and support. Finally, if your loved one’s care plan requires any adjustment, their care team will reach out to you to review the necessary changes.

Is Assisted Living Right for My Loved One?

Rocky Mountain Assisted Living can provide ongoing support and care for seniors with a wide range of needs, but assisted living isn’t suitable for everyone. Some seniors may need more intensive medical care and ongoing supervision. Others may require memory care, and basic assisted living arrangements may endanger their health or safety. One of the best ways to ensure that assisted living is right for your elderly loved one in Lakewood, CO, is to meet with an assisted living care team and undergo the application process.

Rocky Mountain Assisted Living has developed a specially designed senior care system that offers assisted living to a wide range of elders with diverse needs and medical concerns. We also offer a memory care program that can work with our assisted living services for some residents. If you are unsure whether your loved one qualifies for assisted living in Lakewood, CO, contact Rocky Mountain Assisted Living today to schedule an interview with our team.